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The southern coastline of Murcia

The “Bajo Guadalentín” district is located in the south of Murcia, covering the municipalities of Mazarrón, Lorca, Águilas, Totana and Alhama de Murcia among others.

The region has many kilometers of pristine coastline giving rise to beautiful landscapes spotted with wild coves. These are a perfect shelter habitat and breeding place for seabirds, some of them endangered, such as the Mediterranean Audouin’s gull.

Inland near the coast, Murcia has many extraordinary places with fresh greenery, including mountains providing shelter to different kinds of birds such as the eagle owl and the Bonelli’s eagle, smaller mammals and the spur-thighed tortoise, very rarely found in Europe.

Many mountains are at the edge of the sea, and the trails that cover them will prompt you to shoot your camera once and again, in a wonderful contrast between sky, mountains and sea. When walking among thyme, rosemary and dozens of other aromatic and medicinal plants, you’ll notice their scent all along the way.

Being the mountains and the sea so closely linked, it is easy to find the seabird habitat next door to an eagle owl or a golden eagle.

Offshore, whale populations make Murcian waters a wonderful place to visit: striped, common and bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, and pilot whales have chosen the submarine canyons here to live year-round. These seas are also visited by migrating sperm whales and fin whales, along with the loggerhead turtle and hundreds of migratory and resident seabirds.

The coast and its submerged world are also spectacular. The underwater fauna and flora, and crystal clear and calm waters make the area a paradise for sports such as diving and snorkeling (diving with a snorkel mask, snorkel tube and fins).

Some of the best spots for this activity are the protected areas of Cabo Tiñoso and Sierra de la Muela and the stretch between Calnegre and Cabo Cope.

All in all, there are many ideal places for trekking, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and a long list of other activities.